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Discovering Periscope
Twitter recently acquired a small live-streaming app called Periscope. It basically allows anybody to live-stream anything from their phone at anytime, anywhere you can get wifi or cell service. It’s an infant, as far as apps go, but it’s pretty powerful. Instead of continuing to explain it… I’ll let Ellen show you:

I didn’t think it would be something I’d get into, but then I read a blog post from my friend Carey all about the possible ministry uses of Periscope and he named several recommendations for people to follow. So, being the early adopter I am, I downloaded the app and tried it out and immediately was struck by the real-time interactive element.

One of the first “scopes” I participated in was from a TV producer who was looking for pitches for shows to produce. I was only on for a couple of minutes, but I wrote in the comment box, “Celebrity Uber Drivers.” And he started talking about that. I was shocked by the feeling I felt when he mentioned my name live and starting interacting and thought, “This is pretty powerful.” I’ve been experimenting with it ever since and even egging on Paul Haugen in doing scopes with cover songs.

I also really enjoy that you can see a world map and jump on any scope you want, but I love that I can zoom in and see if anyone is doing that in my area. I want to make an impact in my area and that means connecting with people I wasn’t previously connected with and this makes it easy to have real-time interaction in a very unique way.

I’ve done several different kind of scopes:
  • Talking about what I’m reading and asking for recommendations — in this one I gave away a book
  • Talking about favorite music and asking for recommendations
  • Streaming some baby birds being fed by their mama in my dad’s backyard
  • Interviewing my son, Josiah (big hit)
  • Brainstorming for message preparation (since I am a Pastor)
  • Showing rehearsal on Sunday morning with our band (@2Cities_Church)

I’m still trying to figure it all out, but I think it’s a platform that will only grow. I know they’re working on an app for desktop and landscape view, which are in high demand.

One guy, Scott Williams, scopes several times a day and he says the key to Periscope is this… You R.O.C.K. it.

Real: Be Real
Often: Be Often
Calculated: Be calculated in what you scope about, where you scope, etc.
Kind: Be Kind

Here’s the infographic that really intrigued me.


You can download the app here and follow @micahfoster, @haugenpaul and @2cities_church to see how we begin to use it.

What do you think about this new platform?

It’s Worth It. Pt. 2

August 28, 2012 — 1 Comment


A few days ago I talked about a girl who I met in Starbucks and how she ultimately said, “If there was a church like that, I’d go.” And the “like that” she talked about was simple, a place that is authentic, not perfect and a place people who are not church people actually like when they experience.

I emailed her the next day and told her a little more and this is part of her response:

Thank You so much for the nice email…One thing you will know about me is I am not shy, and sometimes I don’t have a filter. LOL… I would love it if you add me to your email list. I went home that day and told my husband about the church and I look forward to going once its open. It would be a nice and fresh start. Please keep me posted… I will definitely check the Twitter out. If you need anything let me know.
I think that’s awesome.


Today I bought something from a guy on craigslist for my son’s 3rd birthday. I went to his home, which is deep-east-clovis… I mean, out there. Usually a craigslist transaction is a quick 2-5 minutes. We talked for 40. About life, hunting, homeownership, family, dogs, and church. He told me that his family occasionally goes to a church, but doesn’t really see a need for it. (irrelevant) He also told me that they once walked out of a known church because they couldn’t take the sermon. “It just hit [them] wrong.”


When I described to him that we are planting a church that unchurched people, regular people, would LOVE to attend… they’d actually enjoy it, he was intrigued. By the end I gave him my business card and he said, “We might just come to your church.”


I think that’s awesome.


There are so many unknowns to church-planting, but here’s a known. People who are far from God will come. People who are not currently growing in a relationship with Jesus Christ, will begin.


And I think…
It’s Worth It.



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I’ve watched people play with Instragram for a couple of years now, but when Facebook bought it a couple of weeks ago… I decided it was time to jump on board and start testing it out. It’s great and here’s why:

  • You can take pictures and make them look awesome
  • The filters give you a variety of awesome to choose from
  • You can follow people, like and comment within the Instragram app
  • It integrates seamlessly with both Facebook and Twitter

So, why would you twitpic and not Instragram?
Make the switch. Do it today.

The picture above is one I took on Sunday @newvintagesoco.

Find more Social Media Tips in my free eBook.


Welcome XP3 Peeps!

April 3, 2012 — Leave a comment

Today XP3 ( released my blog as a blog to watch. Thanks for the shout out!

The reason they chose my blog is because of a little eBook I released a couple of weeks ago called Social Media Tips for the Church. You can find it here. I’d be more than happy to consult with you on your social media strategy, just hit me up with a comment or email.

I wanted to provide some specific information for all my student ministry friends who are visiting my blog today and the days to follow. So here are some blogs from the past specifically about social media. Enjoy.

Here’s a quick correction to my by-line in the email. I was the Service Programming Director, until we hired my friend Paul. I oversee our Student Ministries Director, Chris. And my title today is Groups Director, Exec. Student Ministries Director and Web/Marketing Director. Just wanted to give credit, where credit is due.

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a simple thank you

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If you work at a church and you aren’t hearing stories like these… it’s time to consider doing something different. I love hearing these stories. Thanks Jenn for sharing!


Flula is a funny internet (youtube) star, hype man, dj and German who lives in SoCal.
He produces hilarious videos on youtube all the time.
From time-to-time we choose a funny video from Flula and show it in our pre-service countdown at church, or in our student ministry environment.
Whenever we do that, we tell him about it via twitter and he gets a big kick out of his videos being “in church.”

Yesterday I checked our student ministry twitter account (@insideoutnvc) and noticed he’d sent us a video.

(Previous post about Fula’s video he made for me, personally.)

Tweet o’ The Day

January 5, 2012 — Leave a comment

My wife Erica got a little dry erase board as a white elephant gift for Christmas.
Today she decided to write a quote from twitter and I saw it when I went to the kitchen this morning.

Every week @NewVintageSoco (New Vintage Church) we engage a crowd of new people and those people regularly “like” us on Facebook. Every week I “friend” those people and thank them for “liking” New Vintage Church. If I’ve met them, I add something personal from our interaction and let them know I’m available to answer any questions.

Some people reply. Some don’t.

But here’s why I do it.

We got this tweet from a neighbor the other day. To our knowledge, she’s never come to New Vintage and never interacted with any of our people. But she is not happy with the parking situation. I blurred her picture and her twitter name to protect her. Here’s her tweet and our response:

This Guy.

November 5, 2011 — Leave a comment


Do you recognize this man’s posture? I do. It’s the guy that always tweets during church. It’s the guy that looks down just as much as he looks up. It’s the guy who checks in on Facebook, Yelp and Foursquare during service.

And I love this guy.

It’s the guy who knows the bottom line because he tweeted it. It’s the guy who is leveraging whatever social media niche he holds for the sake of the kingdom. It’s the guy more engaged with the message than half the other people because he’s learning it through more than one method. Oral, written and visual!

I love this guy.

Do you have this guy in your church?