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Trisha was baptized at Two Cities on Easter Sunday, April 16, 2017 by her ex-sister-in-law. She shares her beautiful story and baptism in the video below.

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Stacy and I worked together at a local church several years ago. She was always helpful and supportive as the communications specialist on staff there. Allison, 14, has been a great volunteer and she perfectly expresses the vision of Two Cities Church in this month’s #WeAreTwoCities video. I’m so glad that they have jumped on board with Two Cites and when I ask myself the question, “What would go undone if Two Cities didn’t exist?” – These are the stories that keep me going. I hope you enjoy watching the story of Stacy and Allison.

Enjoy their #WeAreTwoCities story to find out why they’re so excited about Two Cities. [Can’t see the video? Click here.]

Meet Westley and Vanessa Rakis-Garabedian. We showed their story at our last service at Two Cities Church. Westley and Vanessa are a vital part of our team at Two Cities Church. They have two beautiful little girls in Waumba Land and we are so excited that they’ve jumped on board with us at Two Cities.

Enjoy their #WeAreTwoCities story to find out why they’re so excited about Two Cities. [Can’t see the video? Click here.]

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Meet Dennis and Bev Wyman. We showed their story this past Sunday at Two Cities Church. Dennis and Bev are a vital part of our team at Two Cities Church. Bev volunteers in the Children’s Ministry check-in area and Dennis serves on our Guest Services team. In addition they are a part of our Monday evening Launch Group at my home.

Enjoy their #WeAreTwoCities story below. [Can’t see the video? Click here.]

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Meet Chris and Lisa

March 18, 2014 — Leave a comment

Meet Chris and Lisa Hansen. We showed their story this past Sunday at Two Cities Church. Chris and Lisa are a vital part of our team at Two Cities Church. Lisa volunteers as a small group leader for our UpStreet kids and Chris recently took on the role of Guest Services Director. They are open, honest and just trying to follow God’s direction in their lives every day.

Enjoy their #WeAreTwoCities story below. [Can’t see the video? Click here.]

“Who are you investing in?” – Chris
“Two Cities is probably the first church that I’ve been involved with where I felt really comfortable inviting somebody.” – Lisa

Chris and Lisa were looking for a place that they felt God could use them together as a couple.

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Q&A: Two Cities Church

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I get questions about Two Cities Church all the time and I know that if one person is asking it, there’s probably at least a few more thinking it. So, here are some of the things that people ask all the time.

Where will you meet? Where do you meet?
When people asked me this, I used to not have an answer, but now I do. We currently meet at the Clovis Veterans Memorial District Building in Old Town Clovis. 808 4th St., Clovis Ca., 93612.

Will it be loud? Is it loud?
Perfectly loud. If you feel like it’s too loud or not loud enough, you’re probably sitting in the wrong seat for your preference. You can find the seat that sounds the best to you. I’m sure of it.

When will you Launch?
First off, we define “Launch” by having every week services. We plan to be every week by October 2014. It could happen faster, but that’s our target date. So that begs the question, “Why so long?” We will be a self-sustaining church. We want to be able to pay our bills and we want to help the people becoming involved to understand what we’re doing. So our volunteer staff have undergone a ton of training in the culture we’re trying to create. It takes time to birth a church. It’s not instant. It’s labor intensive. Right now we are once-a-month. We hope to hire a Service Programming Director after the new year, that all depends on giving trends, and once we hire that person, we’ll go every 3 weeks. When finances and volunteer numbers allow we’ll go to every other week. Then, finally, every week.

What do you have for my kids?
Waumba Land (Birth-PreK) meets during our main service. It’s awesome, you just have to see it to believe it. We have plans to implement UpStreet (K-6th) as cash and volunteer numbers allow. Right now we have the ability to handle students (7-12 grades) in Student Impact. Student Impact is where students serve, mostly in our Birth-PreK environment called Waumba Land. However, in the future we will have Transit (7-8 grades) and Inside Out (9-12 grades) for students.

I’ve noticed you have something called Launch Groups. What’s the difference between Launch Groups and a Community/Small Group?
Launch Groups are small groups (8-18 people) that meet in homes during the week. During this Pre Launch phase we’ve decided to call them Launch Groups because we spend a lot of time digging into things that are core to what we’re doing at Two Cities Church. We go over our vision, mission and values by watching sermons by Andy Stanley and then talking about them. These are hand-picked messages that we feel are relevant to the lives of the people in our community and church. It’s a no-pressure environment.

Community Groups will be something we launch after we Launch the church. Community Groups are meant to build small communities within the church. A place that no-matter how big the church may get is a place where somebody knows your name and you find accountability, belonging and care. It’s a place to study the Bible and learn to how live out the principles of Jesus.

Who is involved?
An ever-increasing group of people who can’t stand the thought of people they know and love living without a relationship with Jesus. Find out about those people here #WeAreTwoCities

Is this a “youth church”?
I’m not even sure how to respond to this, because I don’t really have a mental category for a “youth church.” What is a church without a variety of ages? Basically, we’re a church for people of all ages, although we have a target range, we target that range because we believe it’s the demographic that is least likely to have interest or time in church… but if they do come, they’ll bring their whole family with them.

What’s your target (age)?
35-year-old Male, married with kids

I know, that sounds crazy specific, but we truly believe that a man in this age holds the keys to his whole family. Of course we’ll appeal to more than that but in a time when we’re trying to make a strategic decision and we’re having trouble making the call, we’ll ask which option a “35-year-old man who is married with kids” would gravitate towards and benefit from the most.

Will you serve communion every week?
No. I grew up in a tradition that celebrates communion every single week and that’s great. You’ve got to understand though, when you’re creating a church that unchurched people (people with no real context for what communion is) it is a strange thing to do in front of them every week. Think of the questions that may arise as someone on stage announces that we’re about to eat the body of Jesus and drink his blood. “Uhhhhhh… what, what, now?!” It also gets a little stale when it’s an every week routine. So we’ve made a strategic decision to reserve communion for special events like Night of Worship

How will you serve the community?
A community typically needs four things to be served well. Great organizations who specialize in the greatest needs, volunteers to serve at those organizations, clothing and food to stock the shelves of those great organizations, and money to run those great organizations. Two Cities Church recognizes our responsibility to help with these needs. Right now we are focusing on building the core of the church and making sure we are self-sustaining. But we have plans to be involved with great local organizations to serve our community. We’ll call it INTERSECT and we’ll choose some local organizations we believe accomplish a part of the mission of Jesus in our community and resource them with goods, volunteers and cash. 1 Timothy 6:17-19 #BeRich

WHAT ARE YOUR QUESTIONS? Comment below and you might just get an answer.

May 2012 Two Cities Church FAQ

Meet Mauro & Chelsea

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Mauro and Chelsea DeBenedetto are a part of our launch team at Two Cities Church. I met them just a couple of months ago. They didn’t know anyone on the team and are now they’re very involved. They also just released two singles available on iTunes [read about that here]. Enjoy their story.